Mothers of Real Estate

mothers-of-real-estate partners-logoWant MORE from life? Meet the Mothers of Real Estate (MORE)

Ever dreamed of owning income properties? Want to create monthly cash flow, plus time and security for your family — but avoid rookie mistakes and shrink risk?

We’re the Mothers of Real Estate, a not-for-profit, membership-based, organization empowering mothers (and others) through quality real estate education to achieve MORE in their lives. We’ll share the real estate investment strategies we’ve become experts in.

Gillian Irving, a mother of four and an specialist in Student Rentals, owns a large portfolio of properties in Southern Ontario, creating passive and long-term income to care for the future expenses of her disabled son.

Monika Jazyk, a mother of four and Buy-Rent-Hold expert, chose real estate as an investment vehicle, building passive income and long-term wealth, so she could stay home to raise her family.

Rachel Oliver, a mother of two, left her corporate job after an aggressive bout of breast cancer, creating wealth and time freedom with Rent to Own income properties, turn-key services and joint-venture investing.

Visit the MORE booth to discover how beginners can go from “Confused" to "Confident Real Estate Investor” in just 7 weeks. Plus you can meet keynote speaker Julie Broad, as one of Canada’s favorite authorities on real estate investing makes a guest appearance.

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