Canada Homes for Rent

CANADA HOMES FOR RENTCanada Homes for Rent has been successfully matching prospective tenants with vacant homes since its inception in 2011. Operating off of the core values of integrity, determination and client satisfaction, the Saint John, New Brunswick based company has maintained a 95% occupancy rate over the years.

Our expertise in connecting the home owner with the prospective tenant allows Canada Homes for Rent to offer the best possible value to both parties. By carefully matching the home with the occupant, our services such as; extensive advertising, home inspections, and property management, ensure that we consistently exceed client expectations. The home owner-tenant relationship has been constantly proven to be a daunting exercise. An affiliation with Canada Homes for Rent adds a significant amount of structure and certainty that has been successfully established over the past 3 years. Our services and our dedication are unrivaled.

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