Bekay Real Estate

bekay-real-estate partners-logoThe team at Bekay Real Estate is a group of professionals who believe that everyone has the opportunity to create long term wealth through investing in Real Estate. Our team is led by husband & wife Brady and Kristy (Allison) McDonald who have the experience and knowledge to make and create sound investments.

Brady is an entrepreneur of 12 years who specializes in creating equity through repairs and renovations of all shapes and sizes. Kristy is an Accredited Appraiser through the Appraisal Institute of Canada. This AACI designation is granted to individuals who have completed the AACI program of studies and fulfilled all the professional requirements. This designation along with Kristy’s professional experience in the industry helps to give our team an advantage when determining current market value and market trends.

We believe by investing in and creating safe, clean, affordable rental properties we can create a win-win situation for every investor and tenant.

Real estate investing gives us all the opportunity to open doors to our dreams. By sticking to our fundamentals and proven systems we can help you achieve your financial goals.

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