Paramount Equity

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Paramount Equity Financial Corporation is a National Real Estate Investment Firm and Mortgage Administrator, specializing in 1st & 2nd position mortgage investments secured against Canadian real estate. We have been providing risk analysis, mortgage origination, underwriting, adjudication, property management and a complete array of mortgage services, to investors and financial institutions throughout Canada since 2006.

Our mandate is “Preservation of Capital”, and it remains the cornerstone of our management philosophy. We do not compromise capital preservation for returns. Unlike the variable returns of stock and mutual funds, we provide investors with fixed annual, high yielding returns, which offer low volatility and security in Real Property.

As an extremely unique Investment Firm, we believe in our safeguards, sophisticated underwriting methodology and exit strategies – so much so that we additionally invest in each mortgage along with our investors to pay any default proceedings and legal costs, should a mortgagor fall under default.

With interest paid monthly, Investors enjoy their high yielding returns with no fees, commissions, or expenses to pay. We believe that our services, safeguards, and exit strategies provided to our investors, are the best in the industry.

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