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Daniel Chin

Real Estate Investor

Daniel Chin, founder of Chin Properties, began his real estate investing business based on two things – passion and belief. After working hard and saving money, in March 2012, he took a leap of faith and spent his savings on a real estate investment course. With no real estate background in his family, his passion grew as he learned more about the investing, business and real estate world, and the ample income property that Hamilton has to offer investors.

From March to December 2012, Daniel looked at many investment properties in Hamilton, while working hard and saving money, as an employee at TD Bank. On December 24, 2012 he made his first offer (with a joint venture partner) and purchased his first duplex in Hamilton. After his first acquisition, he spent one year managing and learning about his first rental property.

In an effort to assist his parent’s plan for their financial future and retirement, Daniel helped them invest in their first rental property in 2014. By September 2014, he had acquired two duplexes for his parents, and they are now confident that they can retire comfortably.

Today, his passion still burns bright. Through continuously investing in properties across Hamilton, as well as adding value and gaining capital through renovations, and property restoration.