Darcy White

President, Rho-Orion Investments

I am passionate about real estate investment. I know how real estate investing has changed the fortunes of my family, my partners and my investment partners.

Real estate investing is a well-traveled path to financial independence that requires a modest level of expertise, simple tools for wealth building (debt, sweat and equity) and can make a millionaires of anyone willing to make the effort.

I believe that a portfolio of well-chosen and well-managed properties yields above average returns for the modest risk represented by real estate and I also believe that I have demonstrated over the past sixteen years that I can select, manage and make profitable real estate investments.

I also believe that well managed real estate can improve neighborhoods and build healthy communities.

Over the past several years my partners and I have invested in three provinces and four communities, and currently hold a mixed portfolio of commercial strip malls, office buildings, and multi-tenant residential apartment buildings (420 suites) with a combined value of $33 million. We have a documented annualized portfolio ROI of 30%, a LTV of just over 50% and with most of our properties we have returned all of our initial investment capital.

I am a husband to an opera singer, father to three teen girls, a former elementary school teacher, a part-time touring and recording musician and an avid outdoor adventurer who loves skiing and climbing.

I serve and support Opportunity International Canada, Nightshift (Surrey), Langley Christian School, my local church, and I am an active member of three Chambers of Commerce.