Michelle Gauthier

Owner, Greenridge Properties; Professional Real Estate Investor

From the high tech world, Michelle Gauthier found herself bouncing from company to company, as marketing management was always the first to be cut back in 2010. She struggled whether to move to another mid management position, or try her hand at learning more about real estate, which she had a keen interest in. Michelle and her husband had invested in many things over the years, from stocks to mutual funds. The one solid investment that they made, was in their own principal residence. They had made 100s of thousands, in the home they lived in only 10 years. So Michelle started taking formal education in real estate investing. By early 2012 she had purchased her first property as a rent to own. She quickly began building a portfolio of single family homes using the rent to own strategy. From there the next logical step for her was to round out their investing in multi-family properties. Today she has a portfolio of over 4 million dollars, and climbing with over 60 doors.

Michelle works a lot with others who are starting out in real estate investing, trying to pass on some of what she has learned over the years. She looks forward to working with the next generation of students to succeed in this business so they too can achieve the freedom from working for someone else, and working for themselves.