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Claire Drage

Professional Real Estate Investor, Elite Trainer; Mortgage Broker, Mortgage Alliance

Claire has been an active member of the mortgage and real estate investing industry for more than 30 years. She has experience from all sides of the industry, from managing over 140 properties in Spain, to growing her own successful mortgage brokering business in Canada, as well as passively investing in real estate as the lender herself. Since relocating to Ontario in 2007, her business continues to grow substantially and is consistently in the top 5% nationally with Mortgage Alliance.

Recent accolades include:

  • Reader’s Choice Mortgage Broker of the Year 2014 with Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine
  • Mortgage Broker of the Year 2014 with Mortgage Alliance
  • Women of Influence in 2015 and 2016
  • 2017 Hot List by CMP - Canadian Mortgage Professionals

Claire is a sought-after elite trainer and renowned speaker who has mentored many real estate investors to ensure they reach their wealth goals with a top tier real estate investment financing plan. The ultimate goal is getting your money to be earning the most for you!

Claire has a passion for educating and sharing her expertise. Claire has been actively focused on training other mortgage brokers including her own team of agents as well as other brokers within the industry. Her passion is not limited to only mortgage agents. Claire works to support everyone, from new investors to sophisticated landlords, whether you don’t know how to begin or are getting financially capped or are considering passive investing. Claire teaches you how to get money making money!

Claire specializes in helping real estate investors develop a comprehensive strategy from purchasing their first property to their hundredth. Focuses include cost of funds, asset protection, minimizing tax burdens, aligning acquisitions and exit strategies together with ensuring access to cash. According to Claire CASH IS KING! Claire loves sharing little know secrets such as being the banker with RSP’s, LIRA’s and TFSA’s or wholesaling strategies for those with no capital. Claire guides her clients through their entire investment strategy whether a newbie or a long-term investor!