IFTO-Speaker-2018 Sarah-Larbi

Sarah Larbi

Professional Real Estate Investor

Sarah Larbi, is a long term buy and hold investor whom focuses on cash flowing properties and buying under market value whenever possible. She has done this by being a market expert in one specific area; Brantford Ontario, and building a solid team of qualified professionals around her.

Sarah is also the co-founder of the SO REIT Club which holds monthly networking and real estate education meetings for investors. She is also working on her podcast called “Where should I invest?” In this podcast, each episode focuses on a different market or region in Canada and a different investment strategy. Sarah interviews successful investors who have done well in each of these markets to provide insider knowledge to her listeners. Sarah was also featured on the cover of the Toronto Star in June 2017 for being a young millennial building a portfolio of properties through hard work, dedication and commitment without the help of parents or relatives.