IFTO-Speaker-2018 Paul-McGill

Paul McGill

President of NorthBrook and The Financing Hub Inc.

Paul McGill has spent his career focused on and delivering innovative ideas, and helping people reach their goals through best use of the financing options available to them. Over the years he has worked to expand and improve student lending, built a 1/2 billion dollar funding portfolio for assist self-employed individuals acquire new homes, and is a recognized innovator in the Canadian lending sector.

In his latest venture Paul has designed and now runs Canada’s first online commercial real estate financing portal, the Financing Hub (www.thefinancinghub.com), which, in its first full year processed over $630 million in transactions.

In his session, Paul will provide you with suggestions regarding the niches he sees in commercial real estate and opportunities he believes investors can take up in todays market. With his extended view of the financing side of the commercial market Paul will discuss equity investment and co-ownership options you may want to consider when entering the commercial real estate side.