Simple Acquisitions LP

Simple-Acquisitions-LP IFTO-PartnerWhat Can Simple Acquisitions do for you?

We help people get a higher return on their investment using real estate!

NO other investment has the benefits that real estate does! Some promoters keep those benefits to themselves! Find out how to share in those amazing advantages.

Bank has told you you’re capped based on your debt service ratio? We can help you not only grow your portfolio, but do it passively!

Nervous about losing your investment? We’ll show you how your funds should be handled to ensure they are directed towards the proper investment.

What is the PROPER INVESTMENT? We’ll show you how to analyze not only the property but the market in which it’s in so you know why it’s a great place to invest.

Your partner does something illegal threatening your partnership? We ensure the entity structure that holds your investment protects you AND separates you from your partner’s illicit activities.

When investing with partners you’re actually buying a security! We follow securities laws that keep us all safe.

Isn’t the ultimate goal to earn income PASSIVELY? We’ll show you how to do that and provide projects to participate in.

Scared of missing something during due diligence? That’s where we really excel. We have a background in development, construction, and analysis. We’re a partner, so we have an interest in making sure we find good investments.

We strive on making investing passive, enjoyable and SIMPLE. It’s so important to us, it’s what we named our company.

Our Core Values

Be genuine and honest
Be transparent
Be creative and open minded
Be yourself!!
We love to talk real estate. Contact us to learn how Simple Acquisitions can help you attain your
investment goals!
Remember, real estate doesn’t have to be complicated. With Simple Acquisition’s it’s smart, secured
and simple.

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