Real Estate Due Diligence Investing (REDDI)

REDDIReal Estate Due Diligence Investing (REDDI) is the newly emerging market leader in real estate investment analysis. It is a process of due diligence when searching for the appropriate real estate investment opportunities. It is a system meant to mitigate investor risk while expanding the returns on your real estate investments. It is for both new investors and those with extensive portfolios.

The REDDI Binder App was designed to provide reports for financial institutions and joint venture partners to raise financing capital, and investment capital for real estate investment projects. The REDDI Binder App will also provide an overview of an investor’s real estate portfolio in real time (tracking mortgage and loan-to-value data) and demonstrates the impact of any new investment properties added to their portfolio.

It’s all about moving that decimal place to the right on your net worth statement. It is meant to create OPTIONS for its users.

Phase I of will be launching for the Investor Forum 2018.