ifto-2019-speaker Susan-White-Livermore

Susan White-Livermore

Real Estate Investor, Liberty Property Solutions

As a wife and mother of three active kids, Susan White Livermore knew she didn’t want to continue her full-time job in human resources. Experiencing significant losses in the 2008 recession, she turned her attention to creating a low risk pension with significant control that would allow for her flexible schedule. As a result, her attention went to real estate investing.

In just 20 months, she had purchased 13 properties, which earned her the “Newcomer of the Year” award from the Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine. That following year (2012), she won the award "Top Player" from the Real Estate Investment Network.” In 2013, she expanded to Calgary and, since 2014, has been rapidly expanding her unique empire focusing primarily on building legal suites.

As more and more curious investors sought her out to learn her strategies, Susan began coaching and teaching from the stage. Now known as Millionaire Mom, Susan provides an approachable, down-to-earth teaching and coaching platform for first-time or fairly new real estate investors.

Through online webinars, live seminars and ongoing, supportive coaching, new investors throughout Canada and the United States are able to apply an intriguing, different approach to real estate investing that operates from a high level of integrity and straightforward real estate principles, while significantly minimizing risk.

“The Millionaire Mom system isn’t about trying to make people feel that we’re smarter than they are. We’re here to show them what we (frankly) stumbled across, a simple idea that proved undeniably fruitful and dependable. As we’ve applied this system to purchases for many years, we can tell the funny, sometimes messy and ridiculous stories that occur in the process. Building a solid financial future for you and your family should be a fun, and an empowering feeling. That’s what Millionaire Mom is all about!”